Our Community


“CLP is not a daycare; it’s a community of caring individuals and families. Ev­eryday I leave my kids knowing they will be challenged, guided, respected and loved. There is no other place I would rather have my children.”–TERRAH PAUL OLSON, CLP PARENT

Our Community

The CLP community empowers children by instilling a positive sense of self, empathy toward others and an appreciation for diversity.

Our diverse community is comprised of:


Our children are capable and confident learners who help guide their own learning experiences through their interests and by exploring the world around them. They challenge and inspire us each and every day.

Faculty & Staff

Our faculty at CLP is made up of experienced, well-educated professionals who love working with children. Our teachers come from a variety of diverse backgrounds. We value the process of learning through play and understand the importance of consistent, quality adult and child interactions.

Parents & Families

Our parents and families play a crucial role as partners in our community. We make a point to incorporate each family’s unique set of values and experiences into our classrooms. Parents are always encouraged to join us on field trips, share their special talents, or just stop in and join us for a meal. Parents also have the opportunity to represent CLP by serving as a member of the Board of Directors.


Our community extends well beyond our walls at CLP. The entire City of Madison plays an important part in our curriculum as well. It gives our children a chance to experience all of the sights and sounds that make Madison such a great place to live, work and play. Some of which include regular visits to our friends and neighbors at the Farmers Market, Capitol Lakes Retirement Community, Madison Children’s Museum and the Overture Center.

“I always tell people we are so lucky to be part of the CLP family, and our kids’ teachers feel like they are part of OUR family. I love how the loca­tion facilitates urban ad­ventures and that teachers are not afraid to take kids out and about.”–ROSS SHAPIRO, CURRENT CLP PARENT