Our curriculum follows the High/Scope philosophy. This educational approach is based on Piaget’s child development theories that stress the role of children as active learners.

Our curriculum is child-directed, allowing teachers to plan and implement a classroom program that is designed around the needs and interests of the children. The role of our teachers is to support and extend children’s learning by listening, asking open-ended questions, engaging in conversations, and challenging children to explain their thinking. Adults and children together determine the content and the course of learning

The content of children’s learning is guided by key developmental indicators in language and literacy, mathematics and science, social-emotional development, physical development, and the arts. These indicators align with the WI Model Early Learning Standards.

The heart of the High/Scope approach is the plan-do-review sequence in which preschoolers make choices, carry out their ideas and reflect on what they learned.   This process allows children to learn to take initiative, solve problems and work with others to accomplish their goals.